Restaurant, cafe & bar

Food poisoning, fridge compressor blown, spoilage? We have specific products to minimize the fallout.


Have total piece of mind by being protected against:

  • bodily harm due to food poisoning
  • the financial costs as a result of injuries to customers, who, for example, may hurt themselves at your restaurant’s location
Building and property

This is the standard coverage, which protects your buildings against the risk of fire, theft, vandalism.

Business interruption

Bernard & Fabien can offer you insurance that covers your appliances, like ovens, commercial dishwashers, coffee machines and more, as well as refrigerator breakdowns and any ensuing food spoilage.

Loss of income

This product covers the loss of a restaurant or bar’s revenue after an insurable claim as well as any additional costs caused by a temporary shutdown.


This type of insurance protects you from the actions of dishonest employees. Misappropriation of money or contracts by employees, theft or loss of money on- or offsite, destruction of currency, fraudulent contracts or forged currency… you never know. It’s best to be covered.