So much can go wrong in a factory setting. Whether you export to the United States or elsewhere in the world, Bernard & Fabien can help you choose the right insurance that offers you the best protection for your plant and operations.

Building and property

This is the standard coverage, which protects your buildings against the risk of fire, theft, or vandalism.

Equipment breakdown

Your equipment is essential to your business, whether mechanical, electrical, electronic or computer. Sometimes it breaks accidentally. If you have the right coverage, you’ll have fewer worries!

Business interruption

If your business suffers a disaster within the scope of its coverage, thankfully you’ll be well insured.


You may be compensated during the period which you must interrupt your operations and reimbursed for any lost profits caused.

Product liability

What would happen if a manufacturing defect caused bodily harm? Ever thought about it? With the right insurance product, you would be protected if you were held liable and subject to litigation.

In some of these instances, your insurer may represent you in court.