Office and retail

Your business has expensive equipment, supplies and tech. You have stock, tons of it. You may even have a corporate art collection.

All of these precious items are worth a lot and must be protected. There are several ways to go about it. Bernard & Fabien will help you make the best choice.

Property insurance

This type of coverage, includes inventory, computers, photocopiers, furniture and art work against fire, theft or vandalism. Improvements and betterments to commercial spaces are also covered, as soon as you start them.


An important type of insurance, liability covers your business against costs of litigation if you’re sued for being liable for bodily or property damages caused by your product, service or as a result of an onsite workplace accident.

Your insurer will represent you in case of a suit.

Additional charges

This type of insurance covers costs incurred while you get your business back online. It’s limited to 12 months after but serves to maintain, to the greatest extent possible, your business’s daily operations after an insurable claim.

Loss of income

Most people don’t think about covering their income in case of the unexpected.

Bernard & Fabien understands and can help you cover situations where you cannot pursue your professional activities.


This type of coverage protects you against malevolent employees. Theft or losses on and offsite, embezzlement, contract fraud or forged currency… you never know, it’s best have the necessary coverage.

Sewer backup, flood and earthquake

Puddles or worse at work in your retail location or at a warehouse… the threat from flooding is real.

Bernard & Fabien will save you from nightmares and and other surprises by informing you about the different insurance products out there.