Technology & cyber risks

Technology companies are now facing increased risks. Human errors can be costly and threats from hackers are growing more frequent and sophisticated all the time.

Professional and technology services and product liability

With this insurance you’re covered against any errors that may occur while acting as a consultant or caused by products you have made. Any liability, whether intentional or not, is covered, even if one of your company’s executives or employees caused the damage.

Media and advertising liability

Bernard & Fabien can offer you insurance that covers the dilution or infringement of a trademark, brand, title, motto or packaging.

It protects against abuses of author’s rights, piracy, or the illegitimate appropriation of an idea.

Network Security and privacy liability

It could happen that a third-party ISP’s security lapses could expose your network vulnerabilities that allow hackers illicit access to your data or systems and to overwrite or run them. This could make your organization vulnerable to law suits. Will you have a strong firewall from this potential risk?

First party coverages for your business

Any number of ugly and potentially costly surprises could pop up.

Bernard & Fabien has you covered:

  • Against extortion threats with coverage for ransom payments made to meet demands.
  • In case of a privacy breach event, coverage for services managing the fallout, expenses associated with notifying people affected by the incident, for credit-fraud monitoring, and lawyers.
  • Against operational losses caused by security breaches, by reimbursing you for your loss of revenue while you reboot and get back online.
  • Against the cost of protecting your data and system restoration after a security breach.