Food and beverage

Food recalls are increasingly common. Every single time, the news media seems to cover it in excruciating detail, which could destroy a company's reputation. It’s important to take quick and decisive action but food manufacturers must have the cash on hand to do so. We’re experts in this domain. Protect yourself with closely tailored coverage and skip the stress.

Product recall

There’s insurance that covers the costs of recalling your products if this expense was yours to bear in the first place.

The recall itself can compound the situation when there are already complications from involuntary omissions, or contamination during food processing or in the mislabeling of products.

Certain policies may cover the costs of fixing or replacing the defective product. Bernard & Fabien’s specialized advisors can tell you more.

Indirect damages

This policy covers the spoilage or losses to the contents of a refrigerator when the cause of the breakdown is insured.


You’re covered if your product has been accidentally adulterated.


Should insects or vermin make your products unfit for their intended use and consumption, you’d be protected.

Business property, goods and equipment

This is the standard coverage that insures your business’s property, equipment and stock against threats such as fire, theft or vandalism.

Product liability

What would happen if a manufacturing defect caused bodily harm? Ever thought about it? With the right insurance, you’d be protected if you were held liable and subject to litigation.

In some of these instances, your insurer could represent you in court.