Fleet insurance

Whether it’s for your delivery, maintenance, heavy or light trucks, or for your fleet of cars, Bernard & Fabien can help you navigate this decision.

Damage to an insured vehicle

Collision and upset (optional): coverage for damage to your car in the case where you’re responsible for an accident or a settlement.

All-perils or upset (optional): coverage for damage to your car like fire, theft, vandalism, and windshield repair.


Liability insurance is mandatory as soon as your vehicle is registered. It covers property damages for which you are responsible (for instance, destruction or private property, your surroundings or to transportation infrastructure).

Blanket basis fleet endorsement policy (21B)

You may make many modifications to your car fleet over the course of a year. This rider will allow you to make the adjustments once at the end of the year, simplifying and cutting down on the paperwork.