The quality of your investments can have an important impact on your returns and financial peace of mind.
After creating a personalize profile of your situation, we can establish together an investment strategy that will meet your expectations and goals.

Bernard & Fabien will help you:
  • Optimize and diversify your portfolio by asset class
  • Maximize capital gain while minimizing the volatility of your portfolio
  • Define your financial liquidity needs
  • Refine your portfolio’s tax planning strategy
  • Develop disbursement strategies that account for your tax constraints
  • Balance the risk of return on investment and accommodate for future life events
  • Assess and fine tune your RRSP, non-RRSP portfolios and your Individual Pension Plan (IPP) contributions
The simplest plan to get there

We follow these four logical and proven steps:

  1. A thorough analysis of your situation, your financial portrait and risk factors
  2. Devising a strategy that meets your particular needs
  3. Implementing an investment strategy
  4. Reviewing as determined by your evolving circumstances
It’s a transparent and effective methodology

If you entrust us with your investments, you’ll be able to count on Bernard & Fabien for frank discussion about clearly defined objectives, to be transparent about the agreed upon fees, and to follow up with a regular and rigorous planning, whether by phone, email or in person.